Do you need something, or someone, that helps you understanding your health and fitness?

Our companion can do that. Just link one of your devices and you will be followed by one of our digital companions.

Companion is a new type of app partly on mobile and partly on the internet that is devoted to help you. It tries to analyze and to find value in big data from health and fitness internet things (withings pressure measurement tool, fitbit bracelets, Google Fit health data API, ….).

You start with a fitness plan chosen by you and the Companion assigned to you will give evaluation of your fitness data and some advices. It will provide a weekly report about your progresses with analysis and evaluations. You can ask any time for extra analysis on demand about the current day or the current week status.

Of course it is up to you the responsibility to manage your training. For lazy or overrunning persons it can be useful a digital companion devoted full time to follow your progresses or failures helping to improve your performance.

Your fitness plan

Do you need a personal trainer? You can plan your running training in order to get in a better shape. You will improve your health and physical status in weeks. Companion will help you and motivate you during the whole process giving you personal recommendations and reports about your activities. Your plan consists of weekly suggestions in term of exercise duration, distance and heart rate intensity. Thanks to heart rate data, steps count, distances and other statistics you will be followed by the Companion and you will start to understand the data that comes from your devices.

Why we write software?
The heart of Megatris is bonded with this question. No matter if the software is a web service or a routine cloud or something else, the software is about us and our intellectual experiences.

What do we do?
As Megatris Comp. we provide Big Data and Analytics to the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) space. We help to simplify Big Data and Analytics for IoT and M2M.
We offer a SaaS-based solution to connected smart objects to collect and analyze their objects data. Our services benefit customers in healthcare, wearables, home and industrial verticals.
Smart contextual analytics is the key to monetizing IoT data to derive strategic insights and actionable intelligence from their machine data via Data Analytics.

What Are the challenges in our industry?
The key challenge today is in programming the massively distributed systems and to manage daily huge amount of data with dimensionality factors depending on contexts . To win such challenge we have a research plan:

  1. Hierarchical Formal Concept Analysis (HFCA) models the world of data through the use of contextual objects and attributes (tags) structured in contexts.
  2. Symbolic control of nonlinear systems is based on an approximate notion of simulation relation, a way to obtain feedback control laws.